"We need to pick up our daughter and son in law, but i have an Audi TT, there never going to fit in that!", why has my wife forgotten about my new 5 door bright blue ZR? You can't miss it, loads of people look at it as i'm driving down the road, putting petrol in it, shopping at one of those big supermarkets or parking it up to go to the bank, i know, i will get her to drive it, after of course i shoe horn her out of the TT, once inside she will change her mind, the way the seat hugs you like a long lost friend, the blue surrounds on the dash and doors, the ease of the clutch and gearbox, high windows with plenty to see, the sunroof, the growl from the exhaust, THEN she will say "oh....... this is nice!" but until then i will keep my lovely ZR clean, drive it around enjoying it, i know there not everyones cup of tea, i drink coffee so thats that, i look at it as a piece of history, now i'm waiting for the sarky comments, not many left, totally different to so many boring new cars on the road, so like many, when she does get in or drive it, she will know, i will wait, just hope it's not, "oh....... can i borrow your car today?"......... every day.